This product is made from ALPACA fibre, from the animal with the same name that lives in the cold Andean highlands, which is where it comes from. It is considered to have unique characteristics. It can produce garments of the highest quality that are extremely comfortable. Its silky, soft and durable texture is due to its thermal properties, which come from microscopic air bubbles located within.

Properties of ALPACA Fibre:

  • The presence of microscopic air pockets inside make it possible to create lightweight garments with a high thermal value
  • Strong and Resistant
  • Noted for its high breathability
  • Its elasticity lets it maintain its shape without falling in and contributes to its durability
  • Lightweight
  • It is smooth and delicate to the touch due to the fibre’s cellular structure
  • It has a natural shine, which gives garments made with it a great visual appeal

Care Instructions

. Dry-clean or hand wash in cold to mildly warm water with neutral soap.
. Do not rub or wring out.
. Dry garments horizontally. Because of the natural curl in alpaca wool, alpaca garments retain their shape and colours.
. It is best not to iron it, though, if necessary, you may use a warm iron and never directly on the garment.
. Make sure that your garment is completely dry before storing it. Fold and store them carefully to avoid wrinkles.