SBELLNECK Scarves and Pashminas

SBELLNECK, a newly founded company, markets and sells fashion accessories, initially Pashminas and Scarves, made from original ALPACA fibre from the Andean regions, known for their excellent quality and elegance.


Established and driven by its founding member with a passion for things done right, her calling for high quality clothing and accessories can reassure the buyer that they will be receiving something special.


Our conviction in specialising in clothing made with authentic ALPACA fibres motivates our project with the hopes of positioning ourselves towards all those who want to enjoy its qualities and elegance.


Our Pashminas and scarvesprovide a fascinating combination of elegance and style; that together with quality makes them truly unique.


These are complements that you can wear on a regular basis without tiring from it, obtaining a unique touch in your daily outfits.


Many of them are HANDMADE, as you can see in their descriptions online.


We hope you enjoy them as much as we have preparing them for you.